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Terra Historia is a civil society organization whose aim is to organize and perform shows and programmes by which culture, history and ways of life of various eras can be presented to the public at high professional level, resulting in an unforgettable cultural experience along with detailed information about history. Terra Historia activities are based on earlier experience with horse training for sporting and working purposes but recently, the main concern has mostly been history. The shows can intrigue audience by programmes including cowboy competitions with demonstration of whip and lasso usage, from ground or even horse back. Performers are able to demonstrate Indian skills in work with horses, western disciplines known from modern sports events or jumping over various obstacles (including human). Last but not least, it is also possible to see fire effects and other stunts. The portfolio also includes acrobatic horse riding, jokes and pranks for both kids and adults, all of that with help of our horse friends. Terra Historia also offers knights tournaments with jousting and swordfights (more on that in the Knights section), performs in the area of film and scenic art in Czech Republic or abroad, arranges all-holiday camp programmes with horses, mostly for children form children’s homes, for Společenství rančů a stájí (Association of ranches and stables) civil society organization.


Terra Historia

Terra Historia equestrian group is quite young, although its members have been organizing shows and various performances for over 15 years. Besides western shows we hold jousting tournaments, perform fire shows, demonstrate acrobatic horse riding and prepare horses for filming - all of that at international level. Jousting is being held all over the Europe, the group’s horses performed in the “Beauty and the Beast” opera in The National Theatre in Prague and in Spain’s Valencia and took part in shooting of several films (e. g. The Brothers Grimm, Bathory etc.) The group also cooperated with the Forman brothers. The acrobatic horse riding is performed not only in Czech Republic but also in Germany on a regular basis. The group is able to create programme for various events according to clients’ wish and agreement.