Our offer

Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)
  • Western shows - lassoes, whips, demonstration of western disciplines, story of Indian family... more
  • Return to Middle Ages - knights tournament with jousting, swordfights and many more disciplines on horseback... more
  • Horses made ready for film and theatre or other interiors... more
  • Fire shows... more
  • Events for children - children’s days, excursions to stables and getting children acquainted with our horses and our work with them... more
  • Performances at company and similar events... more
  • Demonstration of acrobatic horse riding... more
  • Enrichment of a wedding by accompanying programme with horses... more
  • Horse training - backing, basic work from ground (compliment, kneeling etc.)
  • Pyrotechnical effects, sound distribution and lighting

Technical requirements

For all performances with horses it is necessary to have:

  1. An area of minimal dimensions 40 x 20 m (in case of smaller area it is possible to adjust the programme or perform only parts of it).
  2. Most convenient surface is sand for both rider and horse safety reasons. Other suitable surfaces are e.g. grass or clay.
  3. Power supply of 380V / 16A.
  4. Source of potable water.
  5. Enough space for vehicle parking close to the area of performance.
  6. We are able to manage area perimeter and sound distribution ourselves.